Indoor Flowers

White Tahoe Cookies - Lionboldt Farms

Incredible cross of the cookies to The White. Patient favorite from one of the areas top cultivators. Clean, strong, pungent, flavorful.

Greenhouse Flowers

Mendo Breath

Fantastic, clean organic Mendo Breath greenhouse grown by the Humboldt Terp Council


Humboldt Craft Extracts Zkittlez

Fantastic Zkittlez live resin grown by Southern Humboldt Terp Farms

TPS Live Resin

Top shelf indoor live resin. Sunset Sherbet, Sour Banana Sherbet, Chem D

Frumboldt x Norcallabs

Premium Live resin OG Dosido Orange Creamsicle Diesel

Mr. Nice Guy Extracts

Sour Diesel, GDP, OG, Zkittlez and Mendo Breath Live Resin. Fantastic, strong, clean.

Humboldt Terp Council

Top shelf live resin OG, Mendo Breath, Royal Kush


Best Buds Bakery Cookies 45 mg THC

Home baked, delicious medicated cookies made with 45mg activated THC bubble hash. A patient favorite.


Emerald Alchemy AC/DC 20:1 Tincture

Women grown and made. Effective 18:1 CBD tincture for a myriad of benefits.

Emerald Alchemy 3:1

3:1 CBD:THC Tincture


The Highest Grade Whole Plant Cartridge

Premium CO2 extract made from organic flowers. Sour Diesel, Sour Tsunami (CBD rich), Northern Lights, Sweet N Sour, Dawg Waltz, Cherry Lime Pop, Maui's Gift, AC/DC